About Us

Augen:falter is a group of eight illustrators and book artists, founded 2008 in Leipzig. We love making books and print graphics, working with traditional graphic techniques, like lino- or woodcut, engraving, etching or original offset. Besides the work of individual artists, we continuously create group projects. Both are exhibited at the book fairs in Frankfurt and Leipzig.

Nadine Respondek: »Kniereiter« (Leporello)


2010 Landtag Mainz
2010 »DRUCKSACHEN«, 18 m – Galerie für Zahlenwerte, Berlin
2012 Biennial book arts festival XI in Horn (Austria)
2012 Targobank Leipzig
2013 Landgericht Leipzig
2013 Tabook Tabor (Czech Republic)
2013 graphic art for children, Buchsegler Berlin
2013 »Reformaktion«, Wittenberg
2014 Biennial book arts festival XII in Horn (Austria)

list of group projects

2014 »Ménagerie en miniature«
2013 »8 mal Ringelnatz«, collection of folded posters with illustated poems
2012 »Die andere Welt«, 8 large-sized linocuts
2012 »KLIMBIM DE LUXE«, graphics for children
2011 »album Gedankentourist«, a journey to Iceland in mind
2011 »E X L I B R I S«
2010 »Nonsens«, collection of eight color woodcuts
2009 »Plakate für die Kinderstube«, color linocuts for children
2008 »augen:falter BOX«, eight Leporello folds in a box